Our Team

Huadu Group, YATIN lead the latest design trend of the bathroom products in the past 10 years. Every piece of the design is highly appreciated by the

customers and also the competitors. YATIN design show the top insight, not only can attract more attention but also can help the user distinguish the

little difference between two kinds of product.

R&D Team

Huadu attaches great importance to product research, has a professional R & D team, including 9 expert engineers and 15 professional and technical personnel; intelligent operating system development team, obtained dozens of patents.

Designer Team

Huadu has a professional design team, is good at analyzing customer needs, providing customized services to meet the different needs of users; designing special samples, laser cutting machine 48 hours fast proofing service.

Manufacturing Team

The rigorous and experienced production team has been focusing on the production process of steel furniture for 27 years to ensure the beautiful and practical products.

Foreign Trade Team

HuaDu was the First Foreign Trade Enterprise in the steel office Industry, and has 15 years of foreign trade experience. Currently, HuaDu has developed into One of the Biggest Domestic Exporter of Steel Office Furniture.

Customer service team

HuaDu has an excellent customer service team striving to offer the global customers with the excellent and all-round customer service, aiming to bring superior and comprehensive service to customers all over the world.

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