2020-06-24 18:37:26

Why China Huadu metal colorful lockers are popular on global market?

Compared to traditional office working environmental, modern office is much more diverse and stylish. Instead of dull gr...

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2019-10-24 18:37:26

Journey to Luoyang Huadu Furniture Group Co., Ltd. Production Base

Brief: I am Yao, a salesman of Huadu Group Nanjing filiale. Today I get this precious opportunity to come back to headqu...

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2020-09-30 18:37:25

HUADU GROUP, a Shining Star in the 122th Canton Fair

This is the 12th year for HUADU GROUP to attend the Canton Fair. And once again, HUADU GROUP stands out of over 25 ...

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2020-10-01 18:37:26

Modern design and appearance of office steel file cabinet

Nowadays, quality is not the only focus to choose a file cabinet for office the modern style and appearance is also very...

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2020-05-06 18:37:25

Introduction of HUADU GROUP Pickling-Phosphating-Electrostatic Spraying Line

Purchase and installation of pickling-vitrification-electrostatic spraying line are one of tremendous decisions that HUA...

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2021-03-23 14:31:26

Steel file cabinet manufacturers direct sales.

The older and more steel file cabinet manufacturers are no longer sitting idly by, and gradually realize that it is bett...

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2021-03-15 11:50:45

The characteristics of the hand push type dense cabinet.

In recent years, the national enterprise units are in archives management work and make a series of efforts and changes....

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2021-02-25 14:41:11

Iron-sheet file cabinet manufacturer details.

Friends to buy sheet metal filing cabinets, usually from the Internet search pictures of metal filing cabinets, compare ...

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2021-02-24 17:04:55

Factors that influence filing cabinet manufacturers to set prices.

For friends who buy file cabinets, in addition to finding the right steel cabinets and file cabinet manufacturers to und...

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2021-02-22 10:02:35

Professional steel filing cabinet manufacturers are the most reliable!

To choose the steel filing cabinet products that we often use in the office, we must choose a professional manufacturer....

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2021-02-20 10:46:34

Steel file cabinet manufacturer: do high quality steel file cabinet.

Some people think that if you choose steel filing cabinets, you can directly find a middleman to buy them. It is conveni...

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2021-02-20 10:23:03

Office file cabinet brand: file cabinet brand and model analysis!

Want to buy a satisfactory file cabinet is not easy, want to choose a good office file cabinet brand is also need to sel...

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