Online Sales

Affected by the COVID-19, many physical
stores are closed, a great loss suffered for the furniture retailers. While, recent monthly reports show that online sales peak.

Based on the development trend of e-commerce since 2006, online sales are undoubtedly the best choice, especially in the future.

To help more online furniture retailers or underway to promote the online business efficiently, we have summed up the experience of online sales about how we cooperate with our retailer customers in the past years. Whatever your platform is, we can lead you find the appropriate scheme.

Suitable for All Online
Sales Platform

Huadu furntiture adopts special knock down structure, simple single
self-tapping screw installation design. All online sale cartons are flat-packed in mail package, suitable for Amazon, Ebay or other personal retailing platforms.

To maintain the old customers and develop new business, choosing an supplier with rich experience, setting your own online platform and moving your customers online is the first step.Huadu Furniture Group can help you achive this.

Online Sales
One-stop Service

Pre-sales Services

We provide high stable products according to your demand, taking overall sales and environmental health as premise.

Value-added After-sales Services

Adhering to Huadu full-service philosophy, we provide customers with value-added services at customer’s request with our comprehensive service system.

Pre-sales Services

Our professional team is specialized in online sales solutions, such as popular categories and mail package solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal, we grow with your supervision,kind advice,innovation ideas and win-win partership.

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Flat packed front frame KD structure, transport and assemble easily.
Flat packed front frame KD structure, transport and assemble easily

Cases for
Online Sales

We'll be with you every step of the way that helps guide your development,just as who are
that you have come to know and love, today and tomorrow.