3 drawer vertical filing cabinet HDK-F03


( H × W × D) MM




At Huadu, we try to make sure you always have many options for your office. That’s why we have so many drawer storage cabinet for reference on our site, including lateral file cabinet and vertical file cabinet. You will find different options here, 2 drawers, 3 drawers and 4 drawers for hanging file folders. They will get your files well organized and safe. In the mean time, different handle types and colors are available in Huadu, designers in Huadu are ready for further challenges for the drawer vertical file cabinet.

  • Knocked-down structure, easy to install
  • With powder-coated steel construction, durable and away from rust
  • With anti-tilt function, safe for the users
  • One lock secure all drawers
  • All drawers can be pull out totally
  • Quality three section ball slide provide easy access to all folders
  • Suit for A4 and F4 hanging folders
  • Extra key in case your pockets have holes in them

The full-extension three-section steel rails ensure smooth operation. The damper devices prevent accidental detachment for high stability.

High-grade safety locks. The steel keys can not be open to each other and four drawers that are operated by only one key guarantee high security.

Front buckle and humanized circular arc design

Anti-tilt device and security interlocks function. Anti-tilt device can effectively prevent tilt or accidents. Security interlocks ensure only one drawer can be opened at a time for high security.

The special card box is compatible with A4 or F4 files, making the files orderly and convenient to use. A4 width:345mm F4 width: 405mm

Plastic foot pads can protect the floor.