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Pre-sales service

Information center, provide you with professional pre-sales services.

Selling service

According to your need, we will try our best to optimize products solution.

After-sales service

Professional 24-hour online to offline after-sales service team.

Customer service center

This is the information center for us communicating with you.In order to deliver the ser vice infor mation cor rectly and efficiently, we divide it into several par ts, including technical hotline, customer service center,after-sales srevice, consultative selling

Consultative selling

Differentiated technical demands always exist, but we will try our best to help you optimize the option for product and realize the value optimization of product purchased.

Technical hotline

Han's Motion team engineers provides customers with all-year-around comprehensive and extensive technical support, quickly responds to customer’s feedback and handles the help information in time.

After-sales service

24-hour online to offline after-sales service team ensures the shortest response time, quick understanding of customers' confusion, and timely providing professional advice.


Provide you with professional and accurate solutions

Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are a professional factory with 28 years manufacturing experience. Luoyang Huadu Group, founded in 1992, specializing in the production of cabinets, lockers, bookshelf, desk, school equipment, movable compact shelves,and other steel office furniture.

Where can the Huadu filing cabinet be used?

The Luoyang Huadu filing cabinet is mainly used to store various office documents, files and other items, and is suitable for various corporate office places, such as schools, companies and other areas where documents need to be stored.

How to distinguish genuine Huadu file cabinet?

Authentic Huadu file cabinet has the following characteristics: 1 The upper left corner of the file cabinet has a stencil of Huadu, and the steel stamp is smooth and beautiful. 2 The steel sticker on the top of the file cabinet and the square sticker on the upper right corner of the logo cabinet, there are Huadu Group after-sales phone and official website.

Are you accept OEM/ODM?

We can complete the production needs of OEM and ODM. We have an experienced professional design team to provide you with product design solutions.

What is the structure of the steel cabinet? KD or integrated?

All Huadu steel furniture are knock down structure,quick installation,it may take about ten minutes. It will be much more stable after installation.

Do you have foreign trade experience?

Luoyang Huadu has been focusing on the production of steel office furniture for 28 years and accumulated 15 years of foreign trade experience. With customers in more than 50 countries and regions, we serve more than 1.5 million units and individuals, and countless customers have tested our international quality.

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